Suzhou ICH inheritors shine at ICIF Winter Arts & Crafts Expo The Winter Arts and Crafts Expo of the 14th ICIF was wrapped up in Shenzhen, China on Dec. 11. 12月14日 15:00
Suzhou promotes Belt and Road cultural trade at 9th China Trade Expo in Dubai The 9th China Trade Expo and Suzhou Belt and Road overseas cultural trade promotion project kicked off on December 11. 12月14日 14:56
Suzhou residents queuing up for popular winter-brewed rice wine Suzhou residents recently wait in long lines to buy the winter-brewed rice wine. 12月13日 10:31
Suzhou to share scientific innovation resources with Jiading and Wenzhou Suzhou will improve science and technology services and build a cluster of high-level innovative enterprises. 12月13日 10:22
Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon registration begins today The 10th annual Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon will kick off at 8:30 am on March 10, 2019. 12月12日 14:44
Biggest river port in Jiangsu opened yesterday Suzhou Industrial Park Port located on the northern shore of the Wusong River was officially opened yesterday. 12月12日 14:27
More than 2,000 Suzhou students participate in annual youth robotics competition The annual Jiangsu Province Youth Robotics Competition was held on December 9 . 12月11日 10:37
Neway Group's new global headquarters building inaugurated in SZ New District Suzhou Neway Group’s new global headquarters building with an investment of over 500 million yuan (US$72.6 million) was officially inaugurated yesterday in Suz... 12月10日 17:30
Suzhou metro lines officially start smartphone payment QR code-based smartphone payment is officially launched in Suzhou metro line stations. 12月10日 17:22
Suzhou students win gold in Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship The 12th VEX Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship was held in Macau, China from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3. 12月7日 13:38
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