Gogi-Croatian boxing Star shoot to fame in Suzhou


The Ambassador of Croatia to China

sent a letter of thanks to Suzhou

For a young man named Gogi

The letter was about thanks to the local government

for supporting Gogi's cause


So Who Is Gogi?

His full name is 

Goran Martinovic 

He is from Croatia

His chinese name is Ma Guolun

Gogi started boxing at the age of 3 and

has played for Croatian national boxing and wrestling teams

He has held five white-collar boxing charity gala

since arriving in Suzhou in 2015

He donated all the money he raised for dinner

and helped many families and children in need

Besides, Gogi has a charity boxing class

for those kids from poor families who love boxing

His gym is open to the public

for free at a fixed time

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Gogi's story moved Suzhou


Gogi has been awarded the

“Charity Star” of SIP

He is the first foreigner to receive this award

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Gogi's charity boxing event

has been awarded the

Top 10 new events of

Suzhou spiritual civilization construction in 2018

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CCTV-Channel 4

had shared his story

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He was interviewed by Croatian TV

with his "Chinese highlights"

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The good energy here builds him up,refreshes him up all the time which he could not feel the same in Europe.In Suzhou, he can develop his boxing business as well as contribute back to society, with charity work that he always loved. He really appreciate the acknowledgement from the whole society, and he is encouraged to keep going further.

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In order to promote boxing in Suzhou, Gogi decided that his Olympic boxing gym is open and free to all Suzhou residents from 3-5pm every Saturday starts from 1st ,Jan,2018. Anyone who lives in ,travels to ,visiting pass Suzhou is welcome to visit this gym during these hours.To try to put on boxing gloves,stand in middle of the boxing ring, throw the first punch in your life will be instructed by Gogi himself. To promote the charm of this Olympic sport,Gogi really put his heart on and he is a do-er.

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