Special snacks in Suzhou New District


Freshly made patties with turnip shreds.

Some snacks in Suzhou New District bring back memories of the old days.

Patty with turnip shreds

Patty with turnip shreds has accompanied the childhood of many 80s' Suzhou residents and there is a woman in the district who has been making the snack for more than 20 years.

She mixes the shredded turnip with shredded pumpkin to add color and sweet flavor to her patties. The freshly made turnip strip cakes are golden in color and tender with a crispy crust.

For many 80s' Suzhou residents, to buy a turnip strips cake after class is one of the pleasantest things when they were little.


Freshly baked lard pancake. 

Lard pancake

In the days of material scarcity, it was great enjoyment to take a bite of lard pancake. The snacks are slowly baked in a roasting barrel, helping bake out the most original flavor of wheat and lard.

Crabapple-shaped cake

The snack gets its name for it looks like crabapple blossoms. As a special snack enjoying a long history in Suzhou, crabapple-shaped cake is popular among local residents. Its caramel color and fragrant smell tempt people to binge eat. 

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