Story-telling festival to be held in Suzhou

The first China Suzhou International Storytelling Festival will be held in Gusu District from Dec. 7 to 9.

On Nov. 29, the organizing committee held a press conference in the Taohuawu Historical and Cultural Area, where Xiao Yan, head of the committee, said that the festival is designed to help young people better understand traditional Chinese culture, so as to protect and inherit traditional culture and promote international cultural exchanges.

Storytelling, a social and cultural activity characterized by improvising, acting or story adapting, has a long history in China and its traditional forms include Suzhou Pingtan (a form of storytelling and ballad sung in the Suzhou dialect) and Yangzhou Pinghua (popular tales in Yangzhou). Now storytelling festivals, serving as important platforms for international cultural exchanges, have been held in many countries, for example, the Welsh International Storytelling Festival and the Edinburgh Storytelling Festival in the United Kingdom. South Korea also held its first international storytelling festival in October, 2018.

It is reported that the first China Suzhou International Storytelling Festival will last for three days and include four units of activities. The International Unit will feature dramas and storytelling performances from the United Kingdom, the United States and Norway, while the Domestic Unit themed on “Waterside Stories” will gather storytellers from Suzhou, Yangzhou, Nanjing and Shandong.

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