2018 Suzhou Style Cheongsam combines local cultural relics with fashion


The 2018 Suzhou Style Cheongsam Fashion will be unveiled at Suzhou Museum tonight.

This year’s event was divided into three sections, namely, the new cheongsam launch, special cheongsam exhibition and cheongsam catwalk show. National fashion and culture experts made comments on the fashion elements in the 2018 Suzhou Cheongsam and the connection of Suzhou’s refined lifestyle with cheongsam.

Also, the event organizers invited Suzhou Museum’s designers to combine the Suzhou Cheongsam with relics to create a feast for the eyes and to set a trend for the Suzhou Cheongsam fashion. In the meantime, the new style cheongsam will integrate traditional culture into the modern industries and to promote the development of the culture economy.

Cheongsam was originated in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) when the imperial court designated Suzhou as the official imperial court clothing production base. Later, cheongsam gained its popularity among the general public in the middle of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and its styles and materials have evolved over the time.

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