Suzhou fish releasing festival helps to improve the biodiversity of Taihu Lake


Suzhou celebrated the 10th Fish Releasing Festival on Wednesday by freeing more than 2 million small fries into Taihu Lake to help improve its ecological balance.

During the 10 consecutive festivals, the festival’s organizing committee have received donation of more than 16 million yuan (US$2.5 million) from society.

Initiated by the Taihu Lake Fishery Management Office, the program has attracted many participants, including Suzhou Honghuashe Philanthropic Foundations, Suzhou Lingyanshan Temple, Hanshan Temple, Hehe Cultural Foundations, and Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Association.

Started in 2009, the festival has released more than 500 million fish such as silver carp and crucian. This time, 100,000 spotted silver carp, 175,000 crucians and 120,000 small-scale yellowfish were released into the lake.

Wu Linkun, researcher of the Taihu Lake Fishery Management Office, said the releasing of the fish can diversify the biodiversity in the lake, improve and restore the lake’s water quality and protect the drinking water resources. The festival plays an important role in raising local residents’ awareness on environmental protection.

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