Construction of metro lines rolling forward in full swing in Suzhou


Construction of Metro Line 3 connecting Suzhou New District, Gusu District, Wuzhong District and the Suzhou Industrial Park will be completed by the end of 2019, according to the city’s latest plan of metro line construction.

The holing-through work of Xingang Street and west Jinji Lake section of Metro Line 3 totaling 590 meters is estimated to be completed in 40 days.

Metro Line 5 totaling 44.1 kilometers starts from Taihu Lake transportation center and ends at Yangcheng Lake station. The trial operation will start at the end of 2021.

Construction of Metro Line 6 totaling 34.3 kilometers is scheduled to begin in June next year and complete in 2022.

Metro Line 9 totaling 54 kilometers runs from east to west and connects Wuzhong and Xiangcheng districts. About 30 stations including four transfer stops are planned to the line.

According to the city plan, construction of Metro Line S1 will also begin in June next year. Metro Line S1 will join Suzhou Metro Line 3 in the west and Shanghai Metro Line 11 in the east. The 71.3-kilometer Metro Line S1 will connect Suzhou New District, Gusu District, Suzhou Industrial Park, Kunshan City and Huaqiao of Shanghai.

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