Republish of Suzhou Embroidery Patterns


The popular book, “Suzhou Embroidery Patterns”, was recently republished by Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House.

Created by Liu Bingyuan (1908-1998) and first published in 1983, “Suzhou Embroidery Patterns”has been republished over 30 times with 300,000 copies in circulation.

Liu Bingyuan was born in Jiangdun Village, Xiangshan, Wu County, a village where all families worked as embroiderers. When he was 14 years old, Liu went to Shanghai to study embroidery pattern design. He returned to Suzhou in 1931, and opened his own embroidery workshop. He soon became a leading figure in the industry, known for his novel embroidery pattern designs and recreations based on traditional patterns. Over the course of more than 60 years, he designed thousands of embroidered quilts, pillow cases, and cushioncovers.

In the 1970s and 80s, Liu Bingyuan spent about five years redesigning over 2,000 Suzhou style embroidery patterns. Nearly 1,000 of them were compiled into books by different publishers. The first edition of “Suzhou Embroidery Patterns”sold 52,000 copies and was regarded as a masterpiece in the field of Chinese arts and crafts.

The latest edition of “Suzhou Embroidery Patterns” has an improved book design and the addition of English captions to facilitate English readers' understanding of this remarkable book.


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